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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lily Cole 'Supermodel, superstudent and campaigner for sustainable fashion'

The Guardian G2 brought us a very good little article this morning about Lily Cole and her recent collaboration project to bring sustainable affordable t-shirts to Tesco, and just in time to promote Climate Week 21-27th March!
Model Lily Cole, a supporter of the Environmental Justice Foundation, has recently returned from a trip to India which saw her working with the organic cotton industry.

A fashion devotee herself she believes that we can have fashion but we have to change the way it works. 'How can it be possible', she asks, 'for a t-shirt to sell for £1 or £2, when you consider all the peole involved in its production, from the cotton growers all the way through to the shipping workers?'

This is exactly why she and friends have started their own lablel The North Circular which has been showing at Esthetica for the last few years, bringing us somereally beautiful knitwear, and a transparent and local production system.

Fashion is changing and in the words of Lily Cole ' I think we can buy less and pay more, to make sure people aren't being expolited' ....not to mention resources!

Read the article here:

and find out more about The North Circular right here:

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