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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Isolde in NYC Again!


Isolde is back in New York… Another 3 month stint. Working full time but she is still going to find time for some really exciting sustainable (yes these two words go together very well) stuff! Starting with today at the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL 2011 
where she went to The Heather Hart Experience, Barter Town. There was no monetary exchange but goods were exchanged for stories, skills, time, memories and hair. She got some chocolate for a heartbreak story and a photograph for a memory. It was fun and refreshing to see consumption work in a more social and experience lead fashion. Apart from my battering I saw lots of open studios including and .

But there are plenty more events on the horizon like FORUM FOR THE FUTURE- YIELD EXHIBITION- HOOPLA- FASHION RE_ACTION- a good mixture of lectures, exhibitions and workshops…now to find time to read Design Activism by Alastair Faud-Luke.

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