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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


‘ The second annual festival of FREE DIY workshops to remake / recycle / reimaging / reinvent clothes and our relationship to them.’
I stumbled across this 6 part series of workshops that took place at JEM fabric store in SoHo … Organised and lead by Michael DiPietro, a Parsons fashion graduate with a passion for Bargello Needlepoint and Sustainability.
This was a collaboration between Michael and Culture Push Which is an art organisation that helps fund and coordinate projects, workshops and symposiums for the Arts. Everything was free, even the materials- all you had to do was turn up which attracted a wide range of people all with different abilities and interests. 
I made it to the darning, bargello and the finale symposium, unfortunately I don’t have any holes in anything at the moment- but I got a lot of strange looks on the subway with my needlepoint!
The symposium with Pascale Gatzen, Glenn Marla and Otto von Busch explored the idea of consumers and designers creating a sustainable fashion system. Pascale is a Parsons professor as well as an artist and designer who brought up some interesting ideas about worth. Glenn Marla is a performance artist and shopgirl at Re/Dress, a plus-size thrift store in Brooklyn, NY, She was very inspiring and reiterated how we have to be designing sustainable fashion for the masses- not just those who can afford it or fit into it. Otto is founder of the brand and research project >Self_Passage<, an open-source project investigating empowerment through fashion hacktivism.
It finalised in a hand made quilt (lovingly made by Michael) which we all contributed out ideas to create a flow chart. This was a wonderful series of workshops- I learnt many skills and the symposium opened up a lot of questions and ideas for me. VERY INSPIRING!

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