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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Disappearing Dresses - Helen Storey and Tony Ryan

Ok, so science and technology haven't played a huge part in the THREAD's article history but we're going to change that and here is the first step!

And also, I know this isn't a particularly recent story but it is very interesting one. I was reminded of it by last week's episode of 'The Life Scientific' on Radio 4 in which Professor Tony Ryan discussed his work with Nanotechnology, including his collaborations with Professor Helen Storey to create dissolving dresses and catalytic clothing.

Storey approached Ryan with the problem of waste in fashion; the resulting research and collaborative work culminated in the creation (and destruction) of garments which dissolved when immersed in water. Ryan explains how the public reacted to the exhibiton of these at a shopping centre in Sheffied:

'They asked us, " Why are you destroying these beautiful things?"
Which allowed us to ask them, "What do you think happens when you go shopping?"'

Watch the video, by Nick Knight, here

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