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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Interface Carpets

The current textile industry is based on economics many are sceptical and assume sustainable design cannot be economical. However, sustainable business can also be economic business; the two can work together and businesses and manufacturers need to see this to be encouraged to be part of this change. Interface Carpets is on its way to becoming one of the first billion dollar corporation to be carbon zero by 2020, whilst producing good quality and on trend design. Its first step in 1995 was to eliminate excess waste and this was shown to be economically viable “We have calculated $372 million in cumulative avoided waste cost from 1995 to 2007.” (

They are a company who are taking the need for sustainable businesses seriously, doing it efficiently and well, setting themselves real targets and achieving them as well as creating a working model for others to follow. They are looking at the whole picture and addressing all needs and not just doing enough to keep the customers content.

Eliminate all forms of waste in every area of business. For Interface, this means redesigning products and processes to reduce and simplify the amount of resources we use, so that material "waste" will no longer be "waste".(

Interface are working on 3 main areas; Footprint Reduction, Product Innovation and Culture Change. This is an interesting approach as footprint reduction and product innovation are the final aims but what use are they if the consumer culture does not change to accommodate this new production method.  This section of their website is till under construction but I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

With examples like this competitors will be encouraged to make similar changes. The more pressure consumers and designs put on companies, the more change will be made as companies do not want to miss out on a possible market. The ball has started to move and it is slowly gaining momentum to achieve a sustainable future but it needs a lot of research, a lot of work and a lot of cooperation from everyone.  The example of Interface shows that waste reduction is economically a very powerful example.  Check out their website to get full details on the facts & figures and the transparent progress they have made since 1995.

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