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Monday, 18 April 2011

MADE-BY: Fashion with respect for people and planet

MADE-BY are a European Not-For-Profit organisation dedicated to improving environmental and social conditions in the global fashion industry. Launched in 2004 in Amsterdam in response to growing consumer concerns over the production of the clothes they wear, MADE-By now has three offices in Europe, with London and Freiburg joining Amsterdam.

MADE-BY offer consultancy and training services to enable fashion brands to develop their environmental and social policies. The organisation also works in partnership with a group of brands on a long term basis,on services including their famous Track and Trace package, which allows consumers to follow the supply chain of a purchased garment.
This transparency chain and the software developed is an industry leader in enabling brands to document the work they are doing to improve standards within their production processes.

Josie will be working at MADE-BY on the supply chain Track and Trace project for the next three months, so look out for lots more info regarding the work of this organisation....
in the meantime check out their site at ( you can try out the Track and Trace without a garment code to get an idea of the stories involved)

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